NoSQL Database

as a Smart Contract

Bringing web2-like smooth UX, complexity, and scalability to web3 dApps.

Be a part of a Decentralized future

Simple JSON APIs

Firestore but with simple queries expressed as JSON arrays

Crosschain Authentication

Users can sign in using EVM, Arweave, and DFINITY comapatible wallets

Powerful Validation

Granular data validation and access control rules with a JSON utility language


Transactions are auto-signed by a disposal key without wallet popups

Data Indexing

Arbitrary data indexes for fast data queries built-in to a smart contract

Scheduled Tasks

Cron jobs are auto-executed by the contract without making transactions

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Easy deployment & web console

Deploy a database and build complex logic using the web console without the need to write a smart contract

Seamless UX for Web3 Dapps

Transactions are instant and auto-signed, fees are pre-paid by dapps, biometric sign-in is an option with some wallets, and data is truly owned by users


The easiest way to build value


Storage-based Consensus Paradigm (SCP) is a new paradigm that separates computation from storage. The immutable permanent storage of Arweave makes computation deterministic enabling unlimited off-chain computation for smart contracts (SmartWeave).


Warp is a smart contract platform based on the concept of SCP. It utilizes Irys to make transactions instant. The Warp SDK enables lazy computation on the client side.


Irys processes Arweave transaction instantly while making uploaded data immediately available. It also allows dapp developers to pre-pay transaction fees with many token from other blockchains.


FPJSON is a language-agnostic utility to enable functional programming in JSON. It's as simple as just a JSON array, but as powerful as a programing language. FPJSON allows complex logic to be stored as data as a smart contract state. This is the magic behind the unlimited flexibilities and applications of WeaveDB

Wallet Integrations

Optimising database performance

Use with WeaveDB SDK

Without a node

For experiments



Optimized DB performance

Self deployment

For your own setups

$ - /mo

Coming soon

Managed node

Decentralized Database as a Service

For high traffic & best performance

$ - /mo

Coming soon

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